Easter Egg Sketches

Easter Egg Sketches

So for our office Easter egg hunt, we were supposed to bring in a bunch of pre-filled eggs. My eggs were just the standard boring kind (not things like basketballs or cute chubby animals or Hello Kitty heads, like others’), so I decided to do a quick sketch on each of them, just to be strange.

Most of them made little sense and were nothing that great (boxing glove, anyone?), but these three were the ones I thought turned out the best.

Walker in Perspective

AT-AT Perspective Sketch

This is something I actually did about two years ago, but I just never ended up posting it until now. Of course that’s probably because it’s not very good.

Of course that’s probably because most of it was just guesses based on some side-view shots. Anyway, thanks to the Star Wars “Titanium” miniatures series, I actually have a bunch of nice reference material for this kind of thing now. Maybe I should try out a new version. Or some space battles… I always liked doing those as a kid…


Meerkat Bagpipes

And so another episode of Barefoot Kraken wends its way blogward.

Thanks to Mom for the suggestion of cacophony, which, I might (and shall) add, has been the trickiest to date. We persevered, however.

To be honest, the insinuation I’m making in regard to meerkat instrumental capabilities is not entirely fair. In actuality, many scientists dismiss the idea that a meerkat, having found a set of bagpipes, would produce what may be described as an assault on the ears. Others, however, question whether it’s possible to transcend the inherent qualities of the instrument in the first place.

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The Webcave: Part 1

Webcave Sketch
Next in the series of team logos/illustrations for our office is actually the team I’m in. It’s been unofficially called The Webcave for about as long as I can remember, thanks to the aversion most programmers seem to have for strong lighting. I guess it helps that our jobs basically amount to a bunch of mysterious technical voodoo, also.

Anyway, that’s the initial sketch.