Easter Egg Sketches

Easter Egg Sketches

So for our office Easter egg hunt, we were supposed to bring in a bunch of pre-filled eggs. My eggs were just the standard boring kind (not things like basketballs or cute chubby animals or Hello Kitty heads, like others’), so I decided to do a quick sketch on each of them, just to be strange.

Most of them made little sense and were nothing that great (boxing glove, anyone?), but these three were the ones I thought turned out the best.

4 thoughts on “Easter Egg Sketches

  1. And if you take anything out of the middle one, you have to replace it instantly with something of equal weight, right?

  2. These are awesome, but my personal favorite is still the frog that I got. :-)

    Make sure to tell Becky that the Enterprise shoots really neat photon “lazers.”

  3. Yeah, but then she’d be like, “Oh, they have those? I’ve never actually seen Star Trek…”

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