Chickens are Annoying

Chickens Sketch
I did a little bit of sketching while we were visiting Rosemary’s aunt and uncle who have quite a few animals around. The chickens were a bit frustrating to draw since they didn’t like to hold still, plus after a few minutes all the roosters decided to start crowing at me. Probably because:

  1. They thought I was going to feed them.
  2. They realized I wasn’t going to feed them.
  3. I was blocking their view of the house from whence the food would actually come.

In any case, the crowing got old pretty quickly, so I decided to go draw something a bit more… dead.
(Stay tuned!)


Jellyfish Sketch

This was just a thumbnail for a painting I wanted to try. In fact, and this was somewhat unexpected, I essentially finished the final one the same night. So once I finally get around to scanning it, it’s probably going to end up in the main gallery. I’ll post a link to it from here though.

The Kinkade Code

It should already be fairly obvious that a large segment of the poulation worships Thomas Kinkade, the self-proclaimed Painter of Light. So finding an actual song of adoration written to him shouldn’t be all that surprising. On the other hand, when it turns out to be a song believed by many people to be about God, that realization can come as a bit of a shock.
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Frog Cowboy

Frog Cowboy

Another in-class doodle, inspired by Rachel’s brilliant hotdog-thieving frogs. I’m not sure where the hat came from, though, which makes one wonder whether a frog with a cowboy hat is some sort of Jungian archetype. Interestingly, an internet search for “frog cowboy” returns frog cowboy paintings, stuffed toys, sculptures, and even a quilt. Wondering how common this type of thing is, I tried searching for “iguana cowboy”. It just returned boots. And no, they didn’t have pictures of cattle-herding lizards on them.