Of People and Paper Parasols

Parasol Girl

This is the result of my attempt to quickly come up with and sketch a not-necessarily realistic person without putting too much thought into it. I guess I should do that more often.

It also showcases the inherent gut uneasiness I know everyone feels when confronted with one of those little paper parasol thingies. They’re just too cute not be up to something of devious nature.


Yes, I know, another bald guy… one that’s apparently a cross between Voldemort and Count Olaf.
Now, however, I promise a drastic reduction in random hairless chaps for a while. (And really, the only reason I did it was to play with some weird gnarled hands…)


Weasel and Rice
I don’t know about you, but when I think of weasels I immediately imagine their affinity for Chinese cuisine and utensils. In fact, I’m sure all that stuff about ripping the innards out of cute little animals was simply a degenerate bit of mud-slinging designed to keep them from being elected president.