Tales of Edna Weatherspindle

Tales of Edna Weatherspindle

One of the first recorded “umbrella warriors”, not much is known about Edna apart from what is described in the famous volume, Tales of Edna Weatherspindle, which focuses particularly on her life-long battle with the necromancer Dalsfveg.

She apparently took up the umbrella at quite a young age, and was instrumental in the defense of her town from a roving band of undead poultry. This event solidified the fame of both her and her umbrella “Sleetbane”, and probably marks the origin of her surname. Afterward, Edna essentially took on the duties of a knight errant, wandering the land and delivering swift and spiteful justice as needed. In fact, age seemed not to dampen her fortitude, but instead intensified the aforementioned swiftness and spitefulness until there were scant few evildoers who would not run screaming at the sight of a flowing pink nightgown and raised tangerine umbrella.

Attempts to place Edna within the context of the greater historical timeline are never conclusive, but most scholars believe we can at least target the Middle Ages with a decent amount of certainty. (The fact that the “black plague” is mentioned multiple times is less helpful than it sounds, as this was probably just a reference to the exploits of the Crowmonger during Edna’s childhood.)

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Birthday the Third

Albino Kraken Birthday 3

Well, Albino Kraken is now three years old, and contains over 300 illustrations (albeit in various states of completion).

Anyway, I figured that not only was it time for the required birthday kraken, but also a design update was finally in order.

So, here you go.

And remember kids, as the Philosopher once said, “The road to happiness oft leads past cephalopods of large stature and suspect demeanor. Make their acquaintance and shun them not, for true friendship can many a time be found in those of large heart.”