Silhouette and Shadow


In honor of the July 1st launch of, I thought I’d put up this bit of sort-of-concept art. I had done it while just trying to think of illustration ideas for one of the episodes, though I wasn’t really planning on using it for that one.

It did, however, form the basis for the illustration of another episode… you’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

Another Dragon

Dragon Silhouette

Okay, no more black and white line drawings for the moment.

Anyway, I decided to spend a few minutes playing around the the Wacom tablet last night, and here’s what I ended up with. I’m actually thinking of making it part of a bigger scene, since I like how the style turned out. So stay tuned for more dragony goodness!

An Artsy Tee


Our office was designing a few shirts for the Master of Fine Arts program, and while they didn’t ask me to help, I just had to be as contributive as possible. (Now you see why they didn’t ask me.)

(That weird person thing is a loose reference to the sculpture style of the MFA’s director.)


Panda and Sword
As the Philosopher once said:
“Even the panda, being but a beast of small stature when lying in the mud, has every recourse to take up arms against those oppressive forces of human nature—greed, jealousy, and verisimilitude—and strike a blow for the preponderance of earthly denizens foraging out their days in the wilderness of lonely hope.”