Superstickman Bob Sketch

Superstickman Bob Sketch

Okay, so awhile back I mentioned a new Stickman Bob game that was to come out sometime last winter. It of course hasn’t yet, but the new plan is to release it near the end of summer. There are a couple of reasons for the delay, but one of them is the plan to actually populate the university bookstore with official Stickman Bob shirts around the same time. Above is the initial design.

Biblical Timeline Shirt: Ideas

Okay, it’s time for some collaborative t-shirt design idea-mongering!
Anyway, the plan is to design a likely-to-not-be-created “Biblical timeline” shirt, featuring a bunch of simple illustrations. The question is, though, how to organize them on the shirt. Below are two initial ideas.

Bible Timeline Shirt: Fish Sketch
Bible Timeline Shirt: Grid Sketch

The layout of the first is a bit more interesting, but the actual illustrations would be substantially smaller than the second. Anyway, let me know what your preference would be, or if you have any other layout ideas.