Apple in Digital Oil Paint

A week or two ago, I downloaded a trial version of this program called ArtRage. Its point is basically to let you draw/paint using the behaviors of a bunch of different types of “real” art media.

For example, the apple above was done in “oil paint”, and the program made sure to let new layers of paint smear paint that was already placed down, and even mix with it a little. It’s actually pretty impressive.

AKP: Doctor Who – A Night Out

Okay, so I found that the BBC website has a Doctor Who comic maker. You start with blank rectangles and add alien landscapes, infinite space-vistas, or high-class ornamental parlours as backdrops. Then you apply various cast members, paraphernalia, and of course the Doctor himself. The task is finally completed by the addition of speech balloons to create a meaningful, deep masterpiece, of which the show’s writers would be proud.

Take, for example, this romantic interlude between the good Doctor and Donna Noble.