iPhone: Those Pesky Klingons

iPhone: Bird of Prey Actually, I have no idea what’s going on here… is that a sun? An explosion? Hmm… sounds like this calls for an Artist’s Statement.

Artist’s Statement
As the Philosopher once said, “Only in darkness does light shine forth bright enough to illuminate the mind’s subconscious.”
In this image, I wanted to show that even something as simple as an explosion could reflect upon the passing ship-like knowledge of the human psyche, bringing to light all those dents and scratches that make up the futile underpinnings of mankind’s pettiness. In such light, how can one do anything but throw off the shackles of greed, jealousy, and hatred, and trade them in for a big heaping plate of Gagh?

iPhone: Mantis

iPhone: Mantis
So, as the title may or may not suggest, this was done on my iPhone, using a simple drawing application.

As can be seen, precision isn’t the easiest thing to manage when using your finger to draw lines that are smaller in width than it is. I hope to get better, though, for having a portable digital sketchbook could come in quite handy.