Stickman Bob in a Boat

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Well, I thought I should try my hand at a little old-fasioned animation, and here’s the result. (The beginning with the blobby things was just a bit of playing around until I decided what it was I actually going to do.)

Actually, the entire thing was pretty much made up as I went along. The next one will have more of a plot, I promise. Though it won’t necessarily be any longer. Or have water, since that’s rather annoying to animate. Then again, I like how some of its reactions worked out, as when the boat falls in.

The Bob Chronicles: Imitating the Masters

Bob and the Last Supper
If you look closely at the third figure to the right, it’s interesting to note that this may actually be a hermaphrodite by the name of Jamie rather than the Apostle Paul as was previously speculated. This revelation of course turns many traditions on their heads, including that of the Holy Grail, which, rather than being the goblet used by Christ at the last supper to smack Peter in the face, actually turns out to be a beer stein crafted by a guy named Hans during the Franco-Prussian war.

The Pope’s only comment was, “Oops.”