After a bit of a hiatus, Barefoot Kraken returns—with the subject of rats. And so I give you a glimpse of that verminous animal in its natural state: preparing to maul your ankles off.

(Rachel’s Post)

(Please note: The above description unfortunately perpetuates a false stereotype for the purposes of humor. In actuality, rats are much more likely to go for your eyes first.)

Anime! – Part 2

Anime Portraits
Here’s the next step in the project, which, by the way, is to create a logo for one of the teams at my work. They’ve been short a person for a while, and just recently filled the open position, resulting in the only all-female team in the office.

Anyway, here are some test portraits attempting to oversimplify facial features… where the determining characteristics basically become hair style and nose shape. There’s also a little layout thumbnail thrown in there…

It’s also very windy, apparently.


Anime Sketch
Yeah, I know. There’s actually nothing strange or disturbing happening in this post… unless you count the fact that I drew it at all.

This was basically just a quick test of my anime impersonation skills… Mostly because I’ve never tried it before, and also because it’s sort of connected to another project I’m working on at the moment.

More on that later, though. Right now I suddenly have the urge to write a couple reams of fan fiction.

Drunk Aardvark

Drunk Aardvark
You can all thank Josiah for this one. He seemed to think it quite imperative that we darken the reputation for sobriety that aardvarks everywhere seem to enjoy.

And why not, I suppose. They have problems too. Problems for which the only solution is the bold taste and clean finish of a Budweiser Select.