The Pentakraken

Kraken 2
Even though there’s not too much that’s really different between it and a normal overweight squid, I like how this one turned out. Probably because it feels a bit more dynamic, and the shading isn’t quite as… tangled… as it sometimes is.

I should also point out that if it buries itself body-first in the sand, it can pretend to be a giant scary sea star with a gaping maw where its body should be. I don’t know why it would, though. Maybe it just gets bored easily.

It’s Kraken Week!

Kraken 1

As the title states, it’s kraken week here at Nathan’s Blog (soon to be given a new, more interesting title, but that’s another story and shall be told another time). And okay, it’s probably something more like kraken time-period, but kraken week just flows better.

In any case, you can probably expect a few more odd-looking cephalopods in the coming days.

Behold! And still they cometh!

Face 3
Okay, this is the last one. I promise. Then I’ll move onto something more interesting. Like earlobes or spleens.

Though now that I think about it, spleens (despite how fun it is to mention them in casual conversation) don’t look very interesting. Unless, of course, you find a generic lump of something-or-other interesting.

In which case I have some slightly used gum for sale…