Two Athletes

Athletes 1

Here’s the first of probably three follow-ups to the hurdler a few posts down.

I decided to add black to hurdler’s track suit so he didn’t look quite so naked, and for a little more variation in the design. This also meant that I could start using filled black areas as part of the style, as in the cyclist’s suit.

British Ghost

British Ghost

I believe his method of haunting involves popping into a room (riding crop tucked firmly under the old arm), uttering a hearty “Morning, chaps!”, and proceeding to knock every available top hat to the floor with all the ethereal dexterity of the eternally damned.

Illustration Friday: Baby

Baby Raptor

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is actually one that I’ve already visited on occasion (baby dragon, baby gryphon), and even this one, while new, is based on a sketch I did almost ten years ago. Rather than just post the sketch, though, I thought it might be nice to take this opportunity to practice getting a somewhat painterly style out of Photoshop. It sort of worked, I guess.