End Construction

APU Construction
To quote some famous person/diety: It is finished.

And by it, I mean the APU website redesign.

And by finished, I mean: Finished enough to launch but there’ll still be stuff to tweak for a while. We’re all glad to be past that milestone, though.

And by all that previous stuff, I mean: Take that, Biola. :)

An Ancient Creature

Creature Sketch

While searching through my overcrowded pictures folder to find the drawing I wanted to post this time (I couldn’t actually remember what I had named it.), I came accross this one, which was apparently a denizen of one of my school notebooks circa 2001.

Another Jumping Person

Swordfighting Sleeves
Well, I usually hate drawing people… they have all these pesky things like wrinkly clothes and… proportions. I think this one worked better than usual, though.

This is simply a depiction of the only logical thing one can do when one is wearing large sleeves: grab a sword or two and start leaping about in slow motion.

Colds are a Bit More Annoying than Chickens

So I figure being sick is maybe a good enough reason to slack off on one’s blog for a day or so, but much longer than that, and all my hundreds of loyal readers might start going into depressive withdrawal. Now I wouldn’t want that to happen, especiallly since any suicides would deplete my fan base. So I now present to you: Wadded-Up Kleenex!

Concerning Owls and Wands

Owl and Wand
Okay, so a while back I came up with this random image in my head, which, after a few iterations, became what you see above. I have to admit though, I didn’t really ever figure out what this particular barn owl might be doing with this specific wand.

So anyway, I thought this might be a good time to try a bit of reverse illustration, in which you get to give the “original” bit of story (a paragraph or two) in which the pictured event happens. I suppose you could think of it as concise fan fiction, but with less fawning over Sirius Black (or so one hopes).

And while we’re on the subject of wands, It’s interesting how precisely evil You-Know-Who’s looks. I wonder if Ollivander made one like that every once in a while just to keep from discriminating against certain types of wizards. I can just imagine Tom Riddle getting his wand…

Tom: Actually… er, I was wondering if I could take a look at your Artful Devilry™ and Brimming with Evilness™ collections…

Football Cougar

Football Cougar
This was initially just a random sketch of an idea for a cougar mascot, but I liked how it turned out so I did a bit of quick colorization in Photoshop. The rough color along with the still sketchy outline give it a rather interesting feel, I think.