British Ghost

British Ghost

I believe his method of haunting involves popping into a room (riding crop tucked firmly under the old arm), uttering a hearty “Morning, chaps!”, and proceeding to knock every available top hat to the floor with all the ethereal dexterity of the eternally damned.

3 thoughts on “British Ghost

  1. The fire crackled, but those sitting around it paid no attention. Instead, their eyes grew wide as John finished his chilling tail.

    “Because we won the Revolutionary War!!! And then, before you knew it-”

    “Tally-ho!” Suddenly the British-Ghost, Sir Jimminy Cricket, jumped out of the fire. “Let’s have some bangers and mash, shall we?”

    All the kids screamed, threw their hands in the air, and ran for cover. John cowered back, “Wait…it can’t be…”

    “Indeed! Bloody Bobby Socks!”

    “What? Do you just yell out cheesy British sayings?”

    “I’ll give you what for, you knave!”

    “Knave? Who says knave? You’re not scary at all.”

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