Last Stand at Chino

Chino Last Stand

This is based on Jay’s submission to my Chino is a Magical Place story synopsis request. (Reprinted below for your convenience.)

The end. That’s what they said, anyway. They were coming for us. Three days. They’d been everywhere else. New York. Boston. Miami. Cleveland. Cleveland? I had hoped they’d skip our sour-smelling stretch of sun-soaked pasture-land, but after I saw what they did to Cleveland, any hope of our little town surviving flew right out the door and into a cow pie.

Wizards. Sorcerers. Witches. Alchemists. All closing in on Chino, CA. I’ve got a shotgun and a bad attitude. Put a little magic in Chino and I’ll put a little lead in your robe, Gandalf.

So, bring it on. Bring the magic and the mayhem. I’ll be waiting with two smoking barrels, a bottle of Jack D., and a spittoon. You want some, Harry Potter? Come get some.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Albino Kraken 2nd Birthday

As of today, this blog is two years old!

In the first post, I said I’d be uploading sketches and stuff that didn’t quite meet the standards of my more official online gallery. However, I find it pleasantly surprising that many of the entries over the last year are better than the work I was displaying in the gallery (which doesn’t even exist at the moment). This is encouraging.

Anyway, here are some interesting stats:
Total number of posts: 207
Total number of comments: 349
Most clever use of candle flames for St. Elmo’s Fire: This post

Blim, the Happy Bear


This is probably an illustration for the end of that wonderful children’s story, Blim, the Happy Bear, right after the squirrel tells him his fur looks silly:

For the first time in his life, Blim had a strange feeling in his belly. It was like having a katydid stuck in his ear, but that’s obviously not what it was. Because the feeling was in his belly.

“Why did Squiggle have to say those mean things about my fur?” he said to himself. “Maybe this is how he feels when I make fun of his tail every day.” Blim trudged a few forlorn paces further into the clearing. “It’s not very nice to make others unhappy.” He paused, one foot resting between two newly sprouted mushrooms, and his eyes lit up. “Squiggle is not very nice. I should eat him.”

Slowly a smile crept back onto the big bear’s face. He turned around and began nosing his way back through the thick grass. Being sad was no fun. It was better to be happy.

Sally and the Cow Pie

Sally and Cow Pie

As requested in Rosemary’s submission to my Chino is a Magical Place story synopsis request. (Reprinted below for your convenience.)

Sally was not happy. In fact, she was quite certain her parents were ruining her life. Her parents had decided to give up big city life and buy a farm in a little town called Chino. Where was Chino anyway? She had heard someone say Chino always smelled exactly like the smell that permeates the air when you step into a big, steaming pile of dog poop. Her parents had assured her life would be better there. “Just give it a chance, and I’m sure, just like magic, you’ll fall in love with it.” That’s what Mom said every time Sally complained. But how could anything magically come out of a place like that?

Illustration request: Sally, staring up into the sky, glowing, as her foot is about to come down in a cow pie.

Superstickman Bob Sketch

Superstickman Bob Sketch

Okay, so awhile back I mentioned a new Stickman Bob game that was to come out sometime last winter. It of course hasn’t yet, but the new plan is to release it near the end of summer. There are a couple of reasons for the delay, but one of them is the plan to actually populate the university bookstore with official Stickman Bob shirts around the same time. Above is the initial design.