Last Stand at Chino

Chino Last Stand

This is based on Jay’s submission to my Chino is a Magical Place story synopsis request. (Reprinted below for your convenience.)

The end. That’s what they said, anyway. They were coming for us. Three days. They’d been everywhere else. New York. Boston. Miami. Cleveland. Cleveland? I had hoped they’d skip our sour-smelling stretch of sun-soaked pasture-land, but after I saw what they did to Cleveland, any hope of our little town surviving flew right out the door and into a cow pie.

Wizards. Sorcerers. Witches. Alchemists. All closing in on Chino, CA. I’ve got a shotgun and a bad attitude. Put a little magic in Chino and I’ll put a little lead in your robe, Gandalf.

So, bring it on. Bring the magic and the mayhem. I’ll be waiting with two smoking barrels, a bottle of Jack D., and a spittoon. You want some, Harry Potter? Come get some.

3 thoughts on “Last Stand at Chino

  1. This is pretty much exactly what I had in my head. Actually, it’s better. Don’t you hate it when you’re living in peace and then all the sudden the wizards decide to attack?

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