The Bob Chronicles: Imitating the Masters

Bob and the Last Supper
If you look closely at the third figure to the right, it’s interesting to note that this may actually be a hermaphrodite by the name of Jamie rather than the Apostle Paul as was previously speculated. This revelation of course turns many traditions on their heads, including that of the Holy Grail, which, rather than being the goblet used by Christ at the last supper to smack Peter in the face, actually turns out to be a beer stein crafted by a guy named Hans during the Franco-Prussian war.

The Pope’s only comment was, “Oops.”

The Other Side of Santa

Glitter Santa
Really, though, he isn’t quite as dangerous as he looks. Santa’s new toy is simply the Sparklemaster 3000 “Making glittering easy!”

Then again, those who’ve ever managed to get glitter on themselves would probably tell you that it’s easier simply to commit suicide and just let the glitter fall from your rotting corpse than to try and remove it any other way.