APU Cougar Dome: Part 1

So this is the “officially-presentable” (i.e. It actually has a background!) illustration of the pre-2011 Azusa Pacific University Cougar Dome and surrounding landscaping. It’s main use was for the home screen of the official APU iPhone app, but it’s periodically shown up in other places as needed.

The last couple of years have seen some major changes along Cougar Walk and on the building itself, so I’m currently reworking the whole thing. I do prefer this older version, though, as the variety and placement of plants makes for a much better composition than the current state of things does. Oh well; as they say, you can’t fight progress or the need for more patio areas.

A Certain Mascot

What’s interesting is that, while Azusa Pacific University’s cougar mascot has a rather pronounced role when it comes to the actual athletics games, no official graphical representation seems to exist anywhere. The above digital manifestation, however, is not meant to be an answer to that problem, but was simply inspired by the thought.

Besides, he’s much too passive. A real mascot would be in the midst of a snarling murder-leap.

An Illustrated Beatitudes

So basically Azusa Pacific University’s summer project was to have as many people as possible create videos based on Matthew 5:1-16. Being the good employee that I am, I reluctantly complied, and forced myself to draw a bunch of random stuff in Flash. Because I hate doing things like that.

Then I magically got Rosemary to overdub the thing, which is actually something I believe she really does hate.

Anyway, you may feast your eyes upon the original storyboard below, if you feel so inclined.


Also, to give appropriate credit, the music is Knights of Cydonia by Muse.