Superstickman Bob Sketch

Superstickman Bob Sketch

Okay, so awhile back I mentioned a new Stickman Bob game that was to come out sometime last winter. It of course hasn’t yet, but the new plan is to release it near the end of summer. There are a couple of reasons for the delay, but one of them is the plan to actually populate the university bookstore with official Stickman Bob shirts around the same time. Above is the initial design.

The Webcave: Part 1

Webcave Sketch
Next in the series of team logos/illustrations for our office is actually the team I’m in. It’s been unofficially called The Webcave for about as long as I can remember, thanks to the aversion most programmers seem to have for strong lighting. I guess it helps that our jobs basically amount to a bunch of mysterious technical voodoo, also.

Anyway, that’s the initial sketch.

Run DMB: More Sketches

Run DMB Sketch 2

And here are the last two sketches for the team illustration. Yes, those are book-drums.

So what’s Run DMB supposed to mean, you may be wondering. Well, it’s their team name. It’s mostly a play on the group Run DMC, but the DMB is actually the first letters of all their names. (Since that’s how we used to refer to teams anyway.)

Run DMB: Another Team Illustration Sketch

Run DMB Sketch 1
Like the previous “Femtastic” picture, a couple of weeks ago I worked on a logo/illustration for another team in our office. This time, though, the theme was an 80’s band (combined with office roles). Anyway, that’s the first sketch. Yes, I know, not very interesting, but that’s what you get when school doesn’t give me time to put together anything better for the website.