The Webcave: Part 1

Webcave Sketch
Next in the series of team logos/illustrations for our office is actually the team I’m in. It’s been unofficially called The Webcave for about as long as I can remember, thanks to the aversion most programmers seem to have for strong lighting. I guess it helps that our jobs basically amount to a bunch of mysterious technical voodoo, also.

Anyway, that’s the initial sketch.

4 thoughts on “The Webcave: Part 1

  1. Wow, people who aren’t related to me and who I haven’t explicitly told to go here actually look at this thing? That’s so cool… Go Illustration class of ’03!

  2. I think I saw the link from Facebook…then I bookmarked it and check it out periodically. You are doing some interesting stuff. I think it’s awesome to see people still doing art after college.

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