Sally and the Cow Pie

Sally and Cow Pie

As requested in Rosemary’s submission to my Chino is a Magical Place story synopsis request. (Reprinted below for your convenience.)

Sally was not happy. In fact, she was quite certain her parents were ruining her life. Her parents had decided to give up big city life and buy a farm in a little town called Chino. Where was Chino anyway? She had heard someone say Chino always smelled exactly like the smell that permeates the air when you step into a big, steaming pile of dog poop. Her parents had assured her life would be better there. “Just give it a chance, and I’m sure, just like magic, you’ll fall in love with it.” That’s what Mom said every time Sally complained. But how could anything magically come out of a place like that?

Illustration request: Sally, staring up into the sky, glowing, as her foot is about to come down in a cow pie.

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