Meerkat Bagpipes

And so another episode of Barefoot Kraken wends its way blogward.

Thanks to Mom for the suggestion of cacophony, which, I might (and shall) add, has been the trickiest to date. We persevered, however.

To be honest, the insinuation I’m making in regard to meerkat instrumental capabilities is not entirely fair. In actuality, many scientists dismiss the idea that a meerkat, having found a set of bagpipes, would produce what may be described as an assault on the ears. Others, however, question whether it’s possible to transcend the inherent qualities of the instrument in the first place.

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4 thoughts on “Cacophony

  1. I believe it’s three hexes unless they’re supported by an elven earplug brigade.

  2. Not absolutely sure, but I’ve never had too much faith in meerkats’ abilities to play instruments. I guess they have yet to prove otherwise.

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