Concerning Owls and Wands

Owl and Wand
Okay, so a while back I came up with this random image in my head, which, after a few iterations, became what you see above. I have to admit though, I didn’t really ever figure out what this particular barn owl might be doing with this specific wand.

So anyway, I thought this might be a good time to try a bit of reverse illustration, in which you get to give the “original” bit of story (a paragraph or two) in which the pictured event happens. I suppose you could think of it as concise fan fiction, but with less fawning over Sirius Black (or so one hopes).

And while we’re on the subject of wands, It’s interesting how precisely evil You-Know-Who’s looks. I wonder if Ollivander made one like that every once in a while just to keep from discriminating against certain types of wizards. I can just imagine Tom Riddle getting his wand…

Tom: Actually… er, I was wondering if I could take a look at your Artful Devilry™ and Brimming with Evilness™ collections…

3 thoughts on “Concerning Owls and Wands

  1. Harry bravely stepped foreward. Ron and Hermione started to follow but he motioned them back. “I will face him alone. It is my destiniy.” Calmly he reached for his wand but it didn’t seem to be there. He felt around in his pocket, then in another, and another. “Um,” he said under his breath, ” I think I left it in my other robes.” Voldemort chuckled evily. “Too bad you can’t face me like a man.” He rased his want high Avad-Whooosh! The wand was snached from his hand by a large barn owl. Ron stared “Where did that come from. Did you see where it came from, Hermione?” But Hermione was nowhere to be seen. While they were looking for Hermione, Voldemort slunk away into the shadows.

    Suddenly, another figure emerged. “I found your wand Harry.” “Sirius?” Harry cried in surprise “I thought you were dead!” “Well not exactly” He replied, looking remarkably handsome as always. “I think I will go marry the gloriously beautiful author of this story now.” He concluded most satisfactorally. Harry smiled.

    The End

  2. “Brimming with Evilness” was supposed to refer to the wand, not the story.

  3. New story posibility:

    Voldemort grunted in great agitaion as the barn owl flew through the window, carrying his newly fixed wand. He could still hear the resounding crack as the cowerdly muggle’s bloody bullet passed just over his closed fist. He could also distictly remember, with immense satisfaction, the dull groans as he mashed the “muddy-mud-blood’s” nose into the gravel. Man, had he been angry then. Now the anger was replaced simply with anoyance. The after that emparessing incedent he had had Ollivander kidnapped in order to force him to fix the shattered wand. Having been told by the strange craftsman that he’d need almost a week to restore it, Voldemort had had him tortured dayly until the task was done. And finaly it was, the dark lord reflected, pulling the slender wooden object from the bird’s talens.

    Valdemort had also been looking forward to horcruxeizing that book of Ravenclaw’s he had chanced upon and now seemed an ideal time to do that. before the owl could leave again the dark lord had raised his new wand over his head and sweeping it down at the poor bird’s beak. “AVADA KEDAVRA!” Squack. Dropping the rubber chicken at his feet, Voldemort looked up hatefully at the fleeing feather-ball, “I’m going to cook Ollivander!”

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