Introducing the Sketchbook

Nutcracker Sketch
I just recently got a small sketchbook and pen, which, thanks to their aforementioned size, should be able to accompany me places where my other ones couldn’t have. This should (theoretically) allow me to practice the art of… art, I suppose, more often than previously. The sketches from this book, then, are also going be pretty quick and rough, as I’m not using a pencil to do a bit of preemptive work before putting ink to page.

Anyway, here’s one of the first entries: A hasty tribute to the last vestiges of the Christmas season and to furry-hatted men with polearms everywhere.

The Other Side of Santa

Glitter Santa
Really, though, he isn’t quite as dangerous as he looks. Santa’s new toy is simply the Sparklemaster 3000 “Making glittering easy!”

Then again, those who’ve ever managed to get glitter on themselves would probably tell you that it’s easier simply to commit suicide and just let the glitter fall from your rotting corpse than to try and remove it any other way.