Apple in Digital Oil Paint

A week or two ago, I downloaded a trial version of this program called ArtRage. Its point is basically to let you draw/paint using the behaviors of a bunch of different types of “real” art media.

For example, the apple above was done in “oil paint”, and the program made sure to let new layers of paint smear paint that was already placed down, and even mix with it a little. It’s actually pretty impressive.

Yay for Tablets!

And no, I don’t mean those things you write cuneiform on, though they can be pleasant too.

I got my Wacom tablet yesterday, and it’s quite nice. Definately takes some getting used to, but it’s much better than a mouse for actually drawing on the computer. Besides the fact that you actually use a pen-like thing (which is already quite helpful), it’s also pressure-sensitive (which is definitely outside the realm of mouse-drawn art), allowing for lines of varying thickness and/or opacity.

Anyway, that apple was just my first quick attempt at using the thing with Photoshop.