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And so I switch styles again. I’d never really tried something like this before, but the intended mood and lighting effects required something other than the standard outline-heavy stuff. We’ll see if I can ever figure out how to make use of it again.

Anyway, Pirates 4.

Obviously this installment wasn’t (and couldn’t have been) on the same level as the first, but it felt like a pretty decent adventure movie in its own right—even taking into account the distinct lack of krakens. I actually seem to have enjoyed it more than the majority of the internet did, but hey, I guess that’s what the internet is for, and you can’t fault it for being true to its calling.

2 thoughts on “Mermaids

  1. The mermaids had a pleasant subtly that the kraken lacked. That said, I like the no-outlines look. Gives the mermaid and ship that ethereal look the movie had. :)

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