Birthday the Third

Albino Kraken Birthday 3

Well, Albino Kraken is now three years old, and contains over 300 illustrations (albeit in various states of completion).

Anyway, I figured that not only was it time for the required birthday kraken, but also a design update was finally in order.

So, here you go.

And remember kids, as the Philosopher once said, “The road to happiness oft leads past cephalopods of large stature and suspect demeanor. Make their acquaintance and shun them not, for true friendship can many a time be found in those of large heart.”

4 thoughts on “Birthday the Third

  1. Happy birthday, Mr. Kraken! The fuzzy stuffed whale reminds me of a gift I got for my birthday once: a fuzzy stuffed seal from Sea World. It was one of my favorites until my brother put it in the toilet to mimic its “natural habitat.” Somehow I was not impressed.

  2. stuffed animals!!!
    the only gift worth getting!!!!
    well, not always…but cute stuffed animals are wonderful…

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