6 thoughts on “Larry Catches an Opossum

  1. Is this another one of those evil-vegetable-type things started with the man in the towel? Only tecnically he’s a fruit.

  2. Of course he is. Let’s observe the facts; he has little or no hair, he has long spindley appendages (similar to broken branches), he wears no clothes (except the towel which is probably just a disguise to thwart fruit bats), and he was vanquished by a carrot. Having seen such evidence, I have no choice but to conclude that the man/fruit in the towel is, in fact, a fruit.

  3. There seems to be a few gaps in your all too obvious thinking. Were he a fruit, he should taste sweet. Does he? The carrot doesn’t seem to think so. Also, if he were a fruit, he would have to have seeds. Where are his seeds? Have you found them? The next difficulty comes from trying to figure out what type of fruit he would be if he were a fruit. I can’t place him in any fruit category. Therefore, he is in fact, not a fruit.

  4. I don’t taste and dissect my research specimens. And I don’t think the carrot does so either. As for his classification, obviously if you discover a new kind of fruit, you give it its own species. (Lemons, grapefruit, and cucumbers are not sweet).

  5. … And! Since cucumbers aren’t sweet, they sometimes catch opossums for no particular reason!
    (There, did you like how I brought this back on topic?)

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