Group Topic: Ewok

Ewok Jedi

So here’s my illustration for our latest group topic, which has the largest number of participants to date—five! We’re hoping to start doing this a bit more often again, possibly focusing on one or two lesser-illustrated Tolkien characters in the near future.

Anyway, want to see the rest of the ewoks? Clickify below!

Walker in Perspective

AT-AT Perspective Sketch

This is something I actually did about two years ago, but I just never ended up posting it until now. Of course that’s probably because it’s not very good.

Of course that’s probably because most of it was just guesses based on some side-view shots. Anyway, thanks to the Star Wars “Titanium” miniatures series, I actually have a bunch of nice reference material for this kind of thing now. Maybe I should try out a new version. Or some space battles… I always liked doing those as a kid…