A Timeslingers Comic

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So J Sherer and I just launched a new comics section at Timeslingers.com, and the above is just the first of this new breed of stories. There will be more to follow sooner or later, depending on how much time we have to spare between putting the first season’s ebook together and getting ready for season two.

But in the meantime, feel free to marinate in the lessons learned from this cautionary tale of time travel and avian lasers.

Slingers of Time

Time Slingers Logo

Okay, so I’ve got a new project. Well, part of one anyway. Jay and I have started development on a web-based serial story. It’ll feature amazing things such as a creepily-acronymed organization, time-travel, lots of explosions, illustrations for each episode, music (maybe), and a development blog that we promise to update sometimes!

So don’t delay! Head over to www.timeslingers.com and fill in your email address so we can actually pretend people are interested! Plus, you get candy!*

*In a metaphorical sense, of course.