Of Rainbows and Cows

Chino is a Magical Place

This stems from an actual conversation in which the tagline above was exclaimed thanks to the fact that someone had seen a rainbow there recently.

And they have cows.
Which would of course add to the magical aura of any city, be it bursting with refracted sunlight or not.



Because… why not?

Actually, this was Rosemary’s suggestion last night when I asked her what I should post this morning. It was kind of fun just churning something out really quickly without thinking too hard about it… I may have to do that more, and start taking suggestions or something.

Biblical Timeline: Design

Biblical Timeline: Design and Colors

So here’s the “finished” version of the fish/film design, with the color-set that I happen to like most at this exact moment.

Icons in progress, and coming soon.
(I still need one or two late-OT ones, and possibly something to do with Revelation, so give suggestions!)

Legend of the Sticky Bug

Sticky Bug
This is Steve Heffernan’s explanation for why unripe bananas are so sticky and not sweet at all.

Apparently bananas serve as host to colonies of minuscule sticky bugs, which feed off all that sticky, bitter syrup in the unripe banana’s peel and, well, excrete sugar. So as the banana matures, the colony continues to grow and convert unpleasantness to happy yumminess.

(The facts are not quite clear on whether the colony ever leaves the banana, or if you get to eat them too as an added bonus.)

Biblical Timeline: Initial Thumbnails

Biblical Timeline Fish and Icons Sketch

So… continuing along with the fish as film reel concept, here’s a more accurate representation of what the fish would look like in terms of the number of image slots. All the other sketches are just quick thumbnail ideas for various key stories (not in any particular order).

I would appreciate any ideas for stories to illustrate or illustration ideas for stories. At this point I still need to settle on one or two more events from each Testament.


  1. Christmas has two possibilities in there at the moment, and I’m not sure if I’m going to go with either. I do like the light-beam-on-stable version, but that’s a bit too similar to the dove one, especially since they’d be pretty close together.
  2. I don’t really like the Pentecost one either. Maybe it could just be a tongue of flame?
  3. I also can’t really think of much after Pentecost that would have an interesting picture… unless something from Revelation…
  4. In the same vein, a bunch of the OT stories would be coming before Israel’s even in Canaan… so what would be good after that? Something with David? The Temple? Daniel?

Biblical Timeline Shirt: Ideas

Okay, it’s time for some collaborative t-shirt design idea-mongering!
Anyway, the plan is to design a likely-to-not-be-created “Biblical timeline” shirt, featuring a bunch of simple illustrations. The question is, though, how to organize them on the shirt. Below are two initial ideas.

Bible Timeline Shirt: Fish Sketch
Bible Timeline Shirt: Grid Sketch

The layout of the first is a bit more interesting, but the actual illustrations would be substantially smaller than the second. Anyway, let me know what your preference would be, or if you have any other layout ideas.