A Fine Concept

Mustafar Monkey

How I managed to get a copy of this image I shall not say, for I do not want to expose any of my trusted spies as they go about their surreptiotios business throughout the inner workings of the video game industry’s sewer pipes and coat closets. Anyway, it’s quite obviously a bit of concept art for LucasArts’ Monkey Island 5: The Force of Monkey Island.

Personally, I think this looks like a good start, and seems to point toward a good deal of simian-Jedi action, battling the minions of LeChuck The Ghost Zombie Demon Colossus Sith Pirate.

The Toyland Untensil Rebellion, Part 2

Eggbeater Bear

Excerpt from the diary of Hedgewold von Bufhousen

July 15, 1992

Dear Eloise,

This may come as a shock to you, but I was right all along. That creepy bear from the Wellinghouse Foundation’s annual Donation Drive and Chariot Race hates me.

I woke up from a deep, and what would have been rejuvenating, sleep around three o’clock in the morning to see it standing in my doorway, an eggbeater gripped in its villainously-stuffed paws. I was so startled, that I believe I fainted quite away. Upon rising in the morning, I found my entire shoelace collection a horrendous mess of frayed tangles – as if someone had taken an eggbeater to it. I believe this is more than mere coincidence.

From now on, I shall take a can of Raid to bed with me.

Yay for Tablets!

And no, I don’t mean those things you write cuneiform on, though they can be pleasant too.

I got my Wacom tablet yesterday, and it’s quite nice. Definately takes some getting used to, but it’s much better than a mouse for actually drawing on the computer. Besides the fact that you actually use a pen-like thing (which is already quite helpful), it’s also pressure-sensitive (which is definitely outside the realm of mouse-drawn art), allowing for lines of varying thickness and/or opacity.

Anyway, that apple was just my first quick attempt at using the thing with Photoshop.

The Toyland Utensil Rebellion, Part 1

Spatula Ballerina

Excerpt from the diary of Hedgewold von Bufhousen

July 10, 1992

Dear Diary, or should I call you Elsa? I know we’ve been through a lot, and I’ve had my share of, shall we say, episodes, but even you can attest to the fact that I am categorically not insane.

Having said that, I now have the duty to report a most intriguing turn of events. I was sitting quietly in my reclining chair, my lovely hand-carved tobacco pipe firmly clutched in my handsome knuckles, when my eyes fell upon the mantle above my fireplace. More specifically, upon the small ballerina music box which Aunt Reginald had the foresight to bestow upon me last Easter.

I know this may sound strange to one such as yourself, but I’m quite positive the girl was holding one of my spatulas above her head! Though how she came upon it in the first place is a mystery to me, as is the apparent discrepancy in my spatula’s size from when I used it to get taffy off the cat last fortnight to now, as it sat, no more than an inch long, in the handless grip of a plastic doll. I must be getting old. In fact, I find myself not even liking fudge the way I used to.

P.S. Did you know a ballerina can also be called a danseuse? I find that rather humorous for some reason.

The Knight Knight

Knight Knight
Well, I figured that even though I’m off being aloof in Texas at the Flashforward conference, I could at least put up something interesting, if not somewhat random. If I actually had access to a scanner, it might be something relating a bit more to my current situation, but since I don’t, you’ll just have to wait ’till later to see Stickman Bob riding the conference logo.

Not a Kraken


This is just a fairly quick brain illustration I did a little while back. When I started, the plan wasn’t to make it quite that stylized, but I like how it turned out — with all those fun squiggly lines and such. I should probably try to do that on purpose more often…