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Okay, so I’ve got a new project. Well, part of one anyway. Jay and I have started development on a web-based serial story. It’ll feature amazing things such as a creepily-acronymed organization, time-travel, lots of explosions, illustrations for each episode, music (maybe), and a development blog that we promise to update sometimes!

So don’t delay! Head over to and fill in your email address so we can actually pretend people are interested! Plus, you get candy!*

*In a metaphorical sense, of course.

7 thoughts on “Slingers of Time

  1. The illustrations are awesome, but I’m not sure about this “J” character. Who uses an initial without a period as their name? That’s lame. I hate people.

  2. I hear he likes to give out metaphorical candy to little children, too.
    And then he hits them.
    With a bus.

  3. (See what I did right there? Scandal always gets people interested. We’ll have a crowd in no time.)

  4. I like where your head is at, Nathan. Not that this could be “J,” and not that I have anything to do with Time…

    I think the bus thing is true.

  5. What type of bus does he hit them with? A school bus? A public transportation bus? A toy bus? A bus boy?

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