Run DMB: More Sketches

Run DMB Sketch 2

And here are the last two sketches for the team illustration. Yes, those are book-drums.

So what’s Run DMB supposed to mean, you may be wondering. Well, it’s their team name. It’s mostly a play on the group Run DMC, but the DMB is actually the first letters of all their names. (Since that’s how we used to refer to teams anyway.)

Run DMB: Another Team Illustration Sketch

Run DMB Sketch 1
Like the previous “Femtastic” picture, a couple of weeks ago I worked on a logo/illustration for another team in our office. This time, though, the theme was an 80’s band (combined with office roles). Anyway, that’s the first sketch. Yes, I know, not very interesting, but that’s what you get when school doesn’t give me time to put together anything better for the website.