Happy Birthday!

Albino Kraken Birthday
As of May 13th, this site is one year old, and contains over a hundred drawings.

So far, so good.

Anyway, just because I’m curious, let me know what your favorite picture has been so far.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. My favorite could very well be the iguana dragon. And is it wise to give a kraken a birthday cake? It’s going to be very disapointed when it discovers that, like everthing else it loves, it crushed the cake.

  2. Luckily, the crushing of a cake is generally only a detriment to its visual appeal.

  3. I still haven’t decided which one I like best. Your lonely kraken is very good, so sad and lonely looking. I also like Snap and your weasel. So, I guess if you could manage to put all three together, that would be my favorite. :)

  4. YES! Monkey Island! Is it bad that my brothers and I used to pronounce “Melee Island” as “Mel-Lee” Island? I believe the Secret of Monkey Island is that there is no secret.

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