Danger in the Cosmos

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So here’s the annual kraken, this time celebrating the site’s fifth birthday.

Obviously this marks a break from previous birthday kraken illustrations, which usually depict actual birthday shenanigans, but who knows—maybe invading desolate moonscapes is a cephalopod space-birthday tradition in its own right.

A Kraken Birthday Game


To celebrate Albino Kraken’s fourth birthday, I figured we should get a glimpse into one of the typical games that can be expected at a kraken party.

While similar in most respects to the human piñata tradition, this version does have the added complexity of the time limit in which to gather your tasty morsels before they’re claimed irrevocably by Davy Jones.

Birthday the Third

Albino Kraken Birthday 3

Well, Albino Kraken is now three years old, and contains over 300 illustrations (albeit in various states of completion).

Anyway, I figured that not only was it time for the required birthday kraken, but also a design update was finally in order.

So, here you go.

And remember kids, as the Philosopher once said, “The road to happiness oft leads past cephalopods of large stature and suspect demeanor. Make their acquaintance and shun them not, for true friendship can many a time be found in those of large heart.”