The Gentle Hydrorse

Hydrorse Sketch

Here we have, by popular demand, an artist’s rendition of an elusive creature called the hydrorse, commonly acknowledged as the offspring of some ill-advised tryst between a horse and a hydra.

Although we see the animal here placidly taking stock of its surroundings, most cryptozoologists shun such an optimistic characterization, instead pointing out that an entire fifty percent of its lineage is the embodiment of wild man-eating fury. So, to appease both sides of the hydrorse temperament debate, I have opted to continue with this topic for one more session, examining a darker side of the many-headed beast.

2 thoughts on “The Gentle Hydrorse

  1. I think most hydras I’ve encountered were mainly upset because of the lack of an appropriate number of arms. Having seven heads, but only two arms, is pretty frustrating. So frustrating, in fact, than many hyrdas just start eating people.

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