Of Rainbows and Cows

Chino is a Magical Place

This stems from an actual conversation in which the tagline above was exclaimed thanks to the fact that someone had seen a rainbow there recently.

And they have cows.
Which would of course add to the magical aura of any city, be it bursting with refracted sunlight or not.

4 thoughts on “Of Rainbows and Cows

  1. The cow is planning something evil. I don’t know what, but I’m kind of worried.
    Also, that looks like it could be the cover of a book. I’m kind of worried by that, too.

  2. Okay, that gives me an idea. I want people to submit “back-of-book blurbs” for the Chino is a Magical Place novel. Here’s what to do:

    – It should be around one or two paragraphs in length.
    – Remember, intense cheesy-seriousness is important in this genre of writing!
    – You decide what type of book it is: fantasy, drama, non-fiction etc.
    – Everyone who makes a submission gets to request a drawing for the blog.
    – Just post your entry as a comment, and include whatever random drawing you want at the end of it.

  3. Sally was not happy. In fact, she was quite certain her parents were ruining her life. Her parents had decided to give up big city life and buy a farm in a little town called Chino. Where was Chino anyway? She had heard someone say Chino always smelled exactly like the smell that permeates the air when you step into a big, steaming pile of dog poop. Her parents had assured her life would be better there. “Just give it a chance, and I’m sure, just like magic, you’ll fall in love with it.” That’s what Mom said every time Sally complained. But how could anything magically come out of a place like that?

    Random drawing: Sally, staring up into the sky, glowing, as her foot is about to come down in a cow pie.

  4. The end. That’s what they said, anyway. They were coming for us. Three days. They’d been everywhere else. New York. Boston. Miami. Cleveland. Cleveland? I had hoped they’d skip our sour-smelling stretch of sun-soaked pasture-land, but after I saw what they did to Cleveland, any hope of our little town surviving flew right out the door and into a cow pie.

    Wizards. Sorcerers. Witches. Alchemists. All closing in on Chino, CA. I’ve got a shotgun and a bad attitude. Put a little magic in Chino and I’ll put a little lead in your robe, Gandalf.

    So, bring it on. Bring the magic and the mayhem. I’ll be waiting with two smoking barrels, a bottle of Jack D., and a spittoon. You want some, Harry Potter? Come get some.

    Random drawing: That’s better left to Nathan’s mind than my own. :)

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