Biblical Timeline Shirt: Ideas

Okay, it’s time for some collaborative t-shirt design idea-mongering!
Anyway, the plan is to design a likely-to-not-be-created “Biblical timeline” shirt, featuring a bunch of simple illustrations. The question is, though, how to organize them on the shirt. Below are two initial ideas.

Bible Timeline Shirt: Fish Sketch
Bible Timeline Shirt: Grid Sketch

The layout of the first is a bit more interesting, but the actual illustrations would be substantially smaller than the second. Anyway, let me know what your preference would be, or if you have any other layout ideas.

3 thoughts on “Biblical Timeline Shirt: Ideas

  1. I prefer the first. The second seems it would require a specific point to be made through its timeline, as apposed to just being a timeline. The fish, on the other hand, is more interesting in the first place, then as the design calls for more simplistic pictures, you could actually go for invocative icons as apposed to really little pictures, which, being runic, I like. It would look rather nice if you could make them all legible, which, of course, would be the main difficulty. Also, if you read it from tail to tail, the nose provides a nice testament separation.

  2. Yeah, the main problem with the fish is of course making the images legible. It’s probably worth it to try to go that direction, though.

    As for reading-direction and Testament-separation: I guess it probably would make more sense to flip the fish around so it would feel more natural to start on the tail. Also, I can’t decide if the timeline should loop (tail to nose, nose to other tail), or if they should both be read left-to-right (one tail to nose, other tail to nose). In the case of the former, I’d probably need to connect them at the nose, which might actually end up looking too much like a “support our breast cancer troops” ribbon. Plus, it might just make more sense to not have to read either of them “backward”.

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