Drunk Aardvark

Drunk Aardvark
You can all thank Josiah for this one. He seemed to think it quite imperative that we darken the reputation for sobriety that aardvarks everywhere seem to enjoy.

And why not, I suppose. They have problems too. Problems for which the only solution is the bold taste and clean finish of a Budweiser Select.

6 thoughts on “Drunk Aardvark

  1. Most drunk aardvarks lose control of both ears, but luckily this one appears to only be “under the influence,” as one ear has managed to remain erect. Trust me on this. You hang out in Kirksville, Missouri long enough and recognizing drunk mammals becomes a simple science. Intoxicating helpless creatures seems to be a local pastime.

  2. If this post is still viewable can someone tell the artist to email me. Id love to use this for my business, our company is called Aardvark Beverages and this is just perfect.

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