The world can always do with another blog…

Well, I think it’s time I finally tried it. Not because it’s the latest fad (because that would be podcasting), or because I have an angst-filled soul that requires a verbal outlet (because mine just requires a standard 110-volt outlet for its electric hair dryer). It’s something interesting to try, though, and it should give me a good place to put up some random sketches that are probably not worthy of the actual art gallery page. (I use “worthy” in the loosest sense possible, mind you.)

And yes, I am planning on coming up with a more interesting header. Who wants a blue fade when you can have a rampaging giant squirrel or something?

One thought on “The world can always do with another blog…

  1. I like the squirrel. Perhaps you could make it a blue faded squirrel. That could be interesting.

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