6 thoughts on “Tilting at Windmills

  1. I created a three-person family corporation to sell my family’s art and photography. I would like to use the “tilting at windmills” image for the corporate logo. Could we discuss this possibility?

    Bob Simmons

  2. Hi Nathan,

    Could I use your image (temporally) as a my website wordpress message icon? At the moment I’m just using the standard wordpress icon.

    I intend to use a homemade image in the next few months.


  3. Nathan:
    I write a column for the Tracy Press (Tracy, California) called “Tilted Windmills”. I would like to use your illustration for my facebook page and Tripadvisor icon. May I have your permission and how do I credit you? My editor also asked if we could use it as the art for my column, but I prefer my “cute” mugshot. -Mike McLellan

  4. Beautiful image. I’d love to use this in a presentation at work. Please let me know if I can get permission to do this, and if so, how to credit the artist. Best- Mike

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